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How to Grow Radish from Seeds? Growing Radishes in Containers!


How To Grow Radish From Seeds: Radishes can be Grown From seeds Very easily, all the Important things that you need to know, before growing radishes from seeds, like Fertilizer, Diseases, difficulties and their Solutions, are added in this Post.

Growing radishes in containers is easy, entertaining and full of experience. So, it is the October month means day 1. You can start Red Radish from seeds in October to November month. Quality of seed is Extremely important, therefore the Best Quality Seeds.

What type of Containers are best for growing Radishes?

I am using this Grow bag that is about 10 inches deep. You don’t need a so much deeper pot, wider Container works Perfect When you are Growing Red Radishes.

For the Soil Mix, i have a mix organic Components. This Mixture is specifically made for vegetable plants, you only requires a Well Draining, soft and Fer tile Soil. The best Mixture for vegetable garden is Here.

Best Soil Mix for Radishes!

Make the Soil Fully moist before placing the radish seeds. Proper distancing is Very much important, so be careful While Placing the Radish seeds.


Give at least 1 to 2 inches gap Between every Plant, this is the main mistake that i made here. Cover the Seeds from the Light layer of same Soil mix.

Don’t Bury them to deep. I will be Great if you are using a soft Soil Mix. Now it’s time to Water, make the Soil Fully Moist. Don’t through water over the seeds, it can displace them.

Best location for this Grow bag is Where the Bright light can Reach easily. Now you just have to keep the Soil moist.


How long does it takes to Germinate Radish Seeds?

It usually takes about 3 to 5 days for Proper Germination. It depends upon the Season, if you grow them in their season, then they will definitely germinate very quickly.


After 9 days….

At the Seedling Stage, don’t let them in a dark or shaded area. Light is extremely important at this point, otherwise they became leggy. In a 10 inches wider Container you can Grow about 10 to 12 radish plants Very easily, but more then that affects the size of the Radishes.


So now we are going to add soil around their Stem, because it the main part from where the Red Radishes forms. It is extremely important for the Trunk part to be under the soil.


And we also have to put some of the Radish Seedlings out of this Container, because we only have to Grow 10 plants in this planter. This Process is called as thinning, that must be done when seedling came to this Stage.


Bury this Portion of the Plant under The Soil. Water the Soil, if it requires and let it grow itself.

Now you just have to Wait, and make sure the Planter is placed in a bright area, direct sunlight is not so much Important.

How much Sun does Radishes Requires?

Sunlight is Important when you are growing the Flower producing Plants. You can provide sunlight to your Radishes, but it is not necessary.

I have also made a detailed video on growing Radishes in Containers starting From seeds, that is Added here!

How to Grow Radish at Home?


After 75 days….

It about 75 days of Growing Radishes and the red coloured Bulbs Starts appearing. But you still have to wait until they became more Bigger. At this Stage, Fertilizer plays a very Important role. We will talk about that further in this Post. After about 80 to 90 days, some of your radishes Looks like these.


This is about the final size of red radishes, mostly the Bulbs came out of the Soil, when they are ready to harvest. So it is very easy to harvest them, simply Grap the leaves like this and pull it out gently.


So this is the final harvest we got from this foot, Small Container in around 90 days. It is not So bad, because they are Grown with 100 percent organic methods.

Fertilizers For Radishes:-

Now let’s talk about the Fertilizer that i used, so I only fertilize my radish plants about 3 to 4 times, with this Liquid Fertilizer with an interval of 20 days. You can also use that liquid Fertilizer on Your Rooted vegetable plants, when they are about 25 days older.

That liquid Fertilizer is Prepared with organic ingredients, only for vegetable Plants. You can also make this fertilizer from this Link.

Best Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetable Garden!


How to make the Radish Bulbs Bigger?

Now let’s talk about the factors that makes the size of radishes bigger. First thing that depends the most is the season, radishes requires 10 to 25 degrees of temperature for a Proper growth. If you are growing them in winter days, then it’s perfect. But in summer days, may be they don’t even grow well.

The next main reason is pot size, if you are growing White radishes then a deeper pot is the best choice. but if you are growing red Radishes, then choose a wider Container with at least 5 to 6 inches depth.

Choosing a good Fertilizer can also help to improve the size of Redishes. Don’t use any nitrogen enrich Fertilizer, mainly the phosphorus enrich fertilizer works perfect, for growing radishes in containers. The best fertilizer for radishes is added here!?

Liquid Fertilizer for Vegetables!

Soil mixture can also effect the size of radishes, imagine growing radishes with a Compact soil mixture. They never grow well in such a place. So the best Soil Mix is here!

Best Soil for Vegetable Garden!ย 

What type Of Diseases occurs in Radish plants?

If we talk about the diseases and problems in Growing radishes, root rott, yellow leaves, leaf miners etc.. are the main things that came out.

Root rot and yellow leaves are due to the over watering problem, water only when the soil feels dry. This can help a lot to prevent yellow leaves and root rot problem.

For protecing your Radish plants from Lead miners and other pests, regularly use an organic pesticide. You can make it at home very easily from Here:-?

Best Organic Pesticide at home!


Why Radish not Forming Bulbs?

Lastly, let know about the problem, Radish not forming Bulbs. As I told you earlier, the trunk part is the main part from where the Red radish forms.

If it is out of the soil, then you don’t get any radish bulb from that. It have to be under the Soil in order to swell and make radish Bulb. This is the main reason that causes this problem, nutrients Deficiency, poor quality seeds etc… Are the also some reasons but they are rare.

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