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Vinca Plant Care In Winter Days! – Guide To Success

Vinca Plant Care in Winter Days Requires To Consider Some Really Important Points in Mind, for Healthy & Growing Plant. If You Follow up these Tips & Tricks, Your Vinca Plant Will Definitely keeps its growth Consistent.

Winter Season is Not its Season, & it can Harm Your Vinca Plant Really badly, Due to Sudden Decrease in the Temp. of the environment. But Following These Points Will Ensures the Survival of Vinca Plant in such Odd Conditions.

Vinca Plant Care In winters:-

Vinca Plant Care In Winter Days! - Guide To Success

Vinca Plant is a Summer Season Plant That Grow Very Fast in these Days, But as the Winter Starts the temp. Changes, Humidity rises, Sun come up very rarely. These Changes Effects the Growth Style of Vinca Plant.

The Intensity of Coolness in the air Matters Very Much, If Winters are Extremely Cold in Your Area, than it is obvious the Vinca Plants Wouldn’t Survive. But Following are The Some Important Points, That You Can Consider to Overcome Such issues.


How to Make The Best Fertilizer For Vinca Plant?

The Most common Problem in Vinca Winter care is Your Watering Technique. In Summers The Soil of Vinca Plant Dries Out Very Quickly, & Requires to be Watered Daily or Twice a Day.

But as the Temp. goes down, the soil mix Starts To Dry Out Very rarely. Therefore, You have to Change Your Watering Style accordingly.

How To Water Vinca Plant in Winters?

Wait for the Vinca’s Soil mix to dry out a Little. Don’t Water until the soil Mix Dry out a Little. If You Water over a Moist Soil Mix, it may Get Blocked in the Soil. That Can Cause the rotting of Roots, & an Over Watered Condition.

In Result, A Stunted Growth, Yellow Leaves, Dying Condition of Vinca Plant appears. So the Solution is Really Simple, in the Whole Winter days, Water Only When the Soil Feels Dry.

Soil Quality:-

Vinca Plant Care In Winter Days! - Guide To Success

Quality of Soil Mix also Depends Very much Here. If your Soil mix is Water Blocking & Hard, Then Watering Goes Very Bad & Can Be Fatal.

What Type of Soil Works Best For Vinca?

Vinca Plant is an Easy To Grow Plant & a Well Draining, Soft Soil Mix Works Really Well For it. You Can make a Simple Soil Recipe At Home, Simply Mix Following Ingredients in Similar


This Homemade Soil Mix Works Just Perfect for Growing Vinca Plant in Pots. But for a Lazy Gardener, This Regular Potting Mix Does the Job.

Locating Vinca:-

Vinca Plant Care In Winter Days! - Guide To Success

The Next Important Thing To Consider In Vinca Plant Winter care is the Location. As the Vinca Plant is a Flowering Plant & A Sunny Spot is Extremely Important for Its Growth & Blooming.

But in Winter days, The Sun Hardly Comes Up, therefore You Must have to Provide it a Bright Spot, away From Night Frost. Putting it Near a Sunny spot Under a Shade does the Work well. When The Sun Shines, You Can also Put it in a Full Sun Area.
If You Place Your Vinca Plant in an Open Area, The Frost of Night Will Definitely Kill it. Therefore a Sunny Spot, or minimum a Bright Spot Works Very Well. To Protect the Plant From the Frost, You Can Also Move it Indoors. Hope You Got the Point.

Fertilizing in Winters:-

Vinca Plant Care In Winter Days! - Guide To Success

Vinca Plant is a Low Maintenance Plant, That Can Grow Without any Specific Fertilizer Very Well. You Can Provide it a Fertilizer in the Summer days, but in the Winters, as it the resting Time of Vinca Plant, Therefore, You don’t Need To Provide it any fertilizer.
Adding To many Fertilizers in winter days, Can be Harmful. You Should Wait for the Springs to Give it a Powerful Fertilizer. But In Winters, Try to Avoid Fertilizing it as much as you can.


The Another Extremely Important Point in Vinca Plant Winter Care is about Propagation. Vinca Plant is a fast Growing Plant, That can be Propagated WIthin the Season Whenever You Want. But Winter is not its Season, & You Should Definitely avoid Its Propagation in Winter days.

What is the Best Time To Propagate Vinca Plant?

The Ideal Temp. Is Very Important For a Successful Propagation, that isn’t Available in the Winter days. Again You Can wait for the Springs For a Healthy & Successful Propagation.

Yellow Leaves on Vinca;-

Vinca Plant Care In Winter Days! - Guide To Success

In The winters Environment, the Yellow Leaves are Very Common & they are Fully Normal. Leaves Turns Yellow as the temp. Decreases & The Vinca Plant with No Leaves, Will Definitely Grow New Leaves Back Again in the Next Summers.

Why The Vinca Leaves Turns Yellow?

In the Dormancy Time Period, The Yellowing of Vinca Leaves is perfectly Normal. Problem occurs When We Became Panic & Starts Adding Fertilizers. The Stress on the Roots Causes a Stunted Growth. & This Thing Turns Fatal With Time & Other Environmental Conditions.

Extreme Decrease:-

The another Important Thing in Vinca Plant Care in Winters is to Understand the effect of Temp. There are Some Places on the earth, where the Temp. Goes Down Very much. Vinca PLant can Survive Very well in the temp.

Range of 20 to 35°C, But Lower than that can Induce Dormancy. But Still Dormancy is Normal & Can be managed with Previously Described Tips & Tricks.

If the Temp. goes down from 12°C, Then You have To Bring the Plant Indoor in a warmer Place. Inside the house, the temp. isn’t much lower & Works well for Its Survival.

Repotting & Root Work:-

Disturbing Vinca Roots in Winter days Means to Put it in a Shock & it is already in a Shock, which is due to temp. Decrease. One More stress on a Stressed Vinca Plant Will Definitely Kill it. In Winter days, You must Avoid RePotting & any Other Root Work.
The Thumb rule is To Let it Grow On Its Own. So Do not Disturb the Vinca Roots in Winter Days, You Can Re Pot it in the early Springs.

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