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How to Grow Moringa Plant At Home? (5-GROWTH HACKS*)


How To Grow Moringa Tree From Seeds: For Growing Moringa Plant At Home, You Need To follow Up On Some Simple Care Tips, & In This Post We Will Talk All About These Moringa Care Tips. Following These Points Promotes More Growth On The Plant, So Keep Reading.

Origin & Basics:-

Moringa Plant is a Summer Season, Permanet Foliage Plant, That is Majorly grown Due to the Nutritional

value of its Leaves. This Plant is Native to a Tropical region, & Grow really fast.

Moringa Plant Aslo have Such Type of Flowers, That Provides us Such Type of Seeds, To Propagate moringa. Its also Called as Drumstick Plant, Or The Miracle Tree.

1-Plant it in It’s Season:-


The First Thing To Healthily Grow Moringa Plant At Home Is To Know About Its Season. Moringa Plant is a permanent Foliage Plant, But Its Season of Growth is Summers.


& In The Winters, It UnderGoes In a Dormancy Condition, That Ends In The Early Springs. In a Temperate Region, This Plant Can Be Planted In Early Springs & It Continue To Grow In The Whole Summers.

The Hot & Slightly Dry Environment is Very Helpful For The Faster Growth Of Moringa Leaves. A Stable

Moringa Plant Can Pass Winters, Even In Extremely Colder Regions, But You Should Move Your Moringa

Pot In Indoors, If The Temperature Drops Upto 5-10 degrees. It Helps To Pass The Winters.

2-Give it a More Space:-


The Another Thing To Consider is Your Pot Size, As Moringa Plant is a Tree Type Plant, That Can Grow

Upto 40 to 50 feets Very Easily. But For Growing Moringa Leaves In Pots, You Need To Give them Frequent Space For The Growth of Roots.

It Will be Very helpful If You Can Provide It piece of ground. but For The Container, Choose at least a 10-20 Inches Grow Bag, Its Also Linked Here To Buy.


For The Repotting, Rains & Spring Days are The Perfect Choice. The More The Roots Grow, Better Will Be The Growth & Hence Plant Produces More Leaves As Well. After The Repotting, Some Of The Leaves May Turn Yellow, But Its Normal & Nothing To Worry Of.

3-Fertilize With This:-


For Healthily Growing Moringa Plant At Home, You also Have To fertilize It Regularly. as we are Growing Moringa Plant In a Limited Space. Thats Why Regular fertilization is Important, A Nitrogen enrich Slow Release Fertilizer Can Work Really.

For That Cow Dung Compost is The Best Choice, You Can Add a Dose Of Cow dung Compost In The Soil Of Moringa Plant Every 15 to 20 Days, Within The Season.


Deficiency of Nutrition in The Soil Can Aslo Appear In The Form Of Yellow Leaves on The Plant, So Keep The Plant Fertilized. but Cow Dung is a High Dose Fertilizer, So It Will Be Better If You Know Some Important Things About This fertilizer, a Detailed Guide on that is Linked Here.

4-More Pruning = More Leavesโ€ฆ?


Another Important Thing To Grow Moringa Pant At Home is To Prune It Timely. It’s not compulsory To Prune Moringa Plant, But Giving a Nice Pruning Within The Season Can Really Boost The Growth of Moringa Leaves.


The Plant Produces New Shoots, & side Branches. It Really Easy To Prune Moringa Plant, Just Take a Clean Cutter & Cut Off The Upper Growing Shoot of the Plant. You Can Do This Every 10 to 20 Days, & To Clean the Cutter You can Use hydrogen Peroxide, That Is also Linked Here

5-Choose a Loose & Well Draining Mix:-


Following All of These Points are only going To Help, If Your Soil mix Is Loose & Fertile. In a Compact & hard Soil Mix, Moringa Plant Never Grow Constantly.

On The Other Side, A Loose & Well Draining Soil Mix Helps the Plant Alot To Grow Roots. A Well Draining Mixture Also Helps in a Proper Watering, & Holding Nutrients of Your Fertilizer For The Future use of The Plant.

So Using Such A Good Mixture is Obvisouly Going To Promote Leaf Growth, So Make Sure Your Soil Mix is Loose & well Draining. You can also Make It at Home, Complete Guide For Making Such a mixture is linked Here, Must Check It Out. & Leave a Comment Below, If You have any Questions.

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