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6 Tips For Growing Moringa in Pots! – Drumstick Plant Care.


Moringa plant is a Summer Season plant & have Amazing Health Benefits, that makes it A Super Food. & It is Really Easy to Grow moringa Leaves at Home. In this Post, we are Going To talk about Some Very Important Points For growing Moringa in Pots, that Helps You Grow Lots Of Leaves On them.

The Origin Of Moringa Tree:-

Moringa Plant is Basically native to Southern Asia, & At First it is mostly used by the doctors. They called this plant as The miracle Tree, Because of it’s So many Benefits on health. Their Roots, Leaves, Stem, seeds etc.. all of them are used to be eaten, for solving Different Health issues.

Moringa tree Growing Zones:-

As moringa Plant is native to South Asia (Countries include India, bangladesh, Pakistan, nepal, etc..), Therefore, we can Grow this Plant wherever, the Atmosphere matches to these Areas of the World.

You can Grow this Plant in Your Area, if The Temp. on your side is around 77 to 85 F. You can grow moringa tree as a seasonal Plant, if Your wintersย  are much cooler. You can Still Move them under a shade to Protect them from the frost.

How to Grow Moringa Tree at Home?

Moringa Plant is grown as a Permanent Outdoor Plant, that became a Tree With Time. We can Grow Them From there seeds as Well as From Them Cuttings.

Best Season To Grow Moringa:-

The Best Season To Grow Their Seeds is in early Spring Days, when Temperature is Really normal. & You can Grow Their cuttings as Well in springs. Moringa Plant Starts Their Growth From the Early Springs & Continue to Grow until late Falls. In between, You can Grow Them whenever You Wants either by their seeds or their Cuttings.

Growing Moringa In Pots:-

Moringa Plant that is also called as drumstick Plant requires a very Less Care, & You can Grow Them in the Ground as Well as in The Pots. The Growth in ground is far Better then the Potted Moringa Plant. If You Wanna Grow them In the Pots, try to Provide as Bigger Container as you can.

How to Grow Moringa In Pots?

Now let’s take a quick Look of all the Useful Tricks for Growing moringa in Pots. These Care tips For Growing Moringa Plant in Pots Works very Efficiently For Growing More leaves on Moringa Tree.

How often should I water Moringa tree?

The most important Thing to Take Care while Growing Moringa In Pot, is the Watering Technique, as it Requires a Frequent Amount of Water Daily, with a Well Draining Soil mix.ย 

A Deep Watering on alternate days Works Really Well. First let the Soil to dry out a Little & then add a good amount of Water in it.

Why the Moringa Leaves turns Yellow?

A Common Problem found in Moringa Plant While Growing them in Pots is Yellowing of Leaves & a Stunted Growth. Moringa Plant is a Fast Growing Plant, & this Problem only Happens when You are Adding Water But it’s not Draining out.

In The Grounded Plant, This Problem doesn’t Appears Most of the time. Over Watered Moringa Plant, Doesn’t Grow Well. But Moringa Plant is a hardy Plant, & can Be Cured From Yellowing Leaves by Simply Using a Good Soil Mix.ย 

Moringa Plant don’t like over Watering, But a Under Watered Moringa Plant doesn’t Stops growing, Because they have Small Tuber in their Roots, that helps Them Facing Water Shortage. Moringa Plant is a Tropical to Sub Tropical Area Plant, and Likes a Little Humid Area. But it can Also Survive Well in a Dry area.

What Type of Soil Moringa Plant requires?

Drumstick Plant requires a Well Draining, Soft Soil Mix. You can Grow this Plant in any Soil Mix, just make Sure the Water is Draining out properly. You can Also use This Potting Mixย  For Growing Moringa in Pots, or just add a handful of sand in your regular Mix & plant Moringa straight in to it.

Do Moringa Plant Need Sun or Shade?

The Sunlight Requirement for Growing Moringa In Pots is as like as Other Trees. Because it is a Summer Season plant, an open Area with plenty of direct Sunlight works Perfect.

Amount of Sunlight Also somehow Decides the Growth Rate of Moringa Tree. For a Grounded Moringa Plant, You can Choose an Area with at least 4 to 5 hours of Direct Sunlight. But for a Potted Moringa Tree, put it at least In an hour of direct Sunlight so keeps on Growing.

Deficiency of Sunlight also Makes leaves Yellow, but this Thing doesn’t effect most of the Time. Without Sunlight the moringa Plant hardly Survives & Faces other Problems to. So make Sure a Good Sunny Spot for the Proper Growth of Moringa.

For a Detailed Video on Growing Moringa in Pots, Check it out Here?

What is the Best Fertilizer For Moringa Tree?

Another Thing that promotes a very fast Growth on Moringa Plant is Fertilization. As We Grow it To Enjoy the Benefits Of It’s Leaves, therefore for the Healthier Growth of Moringa Leaves, A Nitrogen Enrich Fertilizer works Really Well.

Because it is an edible plant, therefore Use of Chemical Fertilizers must be avoided. An organic Nitrogen Enrich Fertilizer, like Cow Dung every 15 to 20 days Works really Well to Grow moringa in Pots.

Cow dung have a Good amount of Nitrogen in it, & it also Contains many of the Other Beneficial Effects, So must Use it. 50 grams of Cow Dung In the Soil of Moringa Tree Works Well.

For a Bigger Tree, You Should Try out our Liquid Cow Dung Fertilizer, that also Works Very well To Promote a Fast Growth of its Leaves.

How to Prune Moringa tree?


For the Faster Growth of Moringa Plant, regular Pruning also plays a Big Role. Pruning Gives Chance to Grow Back with More Branches. & more Branches Means, More Leaves to. So Keep Pruning Moringa Branches, as they Get Bigger then several Feets.

Simply Cut out the Upper Growing Shoots a Inch. You can Prune Your Moringa Plant in the whole Growing Season (Summers).

How to Keep Moringa tree Small?

For Growing Moringa in pots, keeping them Small is also Important, so we can Harvest Their Upper Growing Leaves. And Pruning Helps in this thing Very Much. So keep Pruning Your Moringa tree, as itย  get bigger then 4 to 5 feets.ย ย 

Moringa Tree Problems:-

As a Hobby Gardener, if we Talk About the pests & Diseases Found in Moringa Tree, then they are Fewer. Like Yellowing of Leaves, A Stunted Growth, White patches on their leaves etc.

For the Pests & Insects,ย  Caterpillars, & Mites etc.. Founds on them. But it is a Hard to kill plant, & These Problems aren’t So much Common. To keep Them Away, follow up this care Guide & Use Neem Oil Pesticide Spray that Works Perfect to Prevent All Type of Pests.

So its all about Growing Moringa in Pots, Follow up this guide & Get better Results on them.

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