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Night Blooming Jasmine Care – The Lady of Night Plant


What is the “Night Blooming Jasmine”?

Night Blooming Jasmine Care is a Flowering Plant that have a Sweet Smell. It is known as Night Blooming Jasmine, because it’s Flowers Blooms in the Night Time. It is Related to jasmine Family plants and Have Same type of White coloured Flowers.

How to Grow Night Blooming Jasmine Plant?

Night Blooming Jasmine Care is really easy, you Can Grow them in Pots and also in the Ground. Night Blooming Jasmine is Hardy in nature and Grows very Well all around the Year (Specially in Summers).

It is also called by many Names, like Night Jasmineย the Lady of night plant, Night Blooming Jasmine. The lady of Night jasmine is Native to Caribbean and West Indies. It is basically a tropical area plant.

Night blooming Jasmine Growing Zone:-

Night jasmine can Be Grown In any tropical area, but it is mostly grown in Zone 8-11. In the cold Conditions, they should be Shifted indoors. In Asian atmosphere, Night Blooming Jasmine is grown due to it’s Sweet Smell.

Night Blooming Jasmine Winter Care:-

The lady of Night plant is Related to tropical Area plants, therefore It is hard for them to Survive in Winters. Due to Low Temp., Their leaves starts Yellowing and fells off. But they Don’t dies.

As the Winter starts, Place the Night Blooming Jasmine’s Pot in the Indoors. Saving them from Frost helps a lot. After Winters, they starts Blooming Again.

Does Night Blooming Jasmine Poisonous?

According to Different Researches from World Biggest Labs, It came out that Night Blooming Jasmine have Poisonous effects to Human Body. It is a Toxic Plant that have toxic Leaves, Flowers, stems etc… Keeps this Plant away from Your Pets and Childrens.

Night Blooming Jasmine Care Indoors:-

Night Blooming Jasmine can be Grown Indoors, but the Requires A bright Light Condition to Produce Bunches of Flowers. For That always Choose a Bright area With Minimum 1-2 hours of Sunlight.

Why is my Night Blooming Jasmine dying?


Too much Exposure of Sunlight to Night Blooming Jasmine can Cause the Wilting of Leaves and the Plant also Looks Dying. To Save your Plant From Dying Water it Correctly, And Protect it from Burning Sunlight.

How often should you water night blooming jasmine?

Watering of Night Blooming Jasmine ia really Important to Get Flowers. Best Way to Water your lady of Night plant, is to Check the Soil’s Moisture level First.

If the Soil Looks Dry, then add Some Water Just to make the Soil Little Moist. Over Watering can Cause Multiple Problems, So Be Careful.

Night Blooming Jasmine in Pots:-

The lady of Night Can be Grown In Ground, But it Is mostly Grown in Pots. About 12 to 15″ Pots are Best to Grow Nights Blooming Jasmine.

They have Enough space to Grow this plant and Choosing Clay Pot is Again a Best thing. The Growth of Night Blooming Jasmine Is Very Much Healthier in Clay Pots Instead of Cemented and Plastic Pots.

Why are my Night Blooming Jasmine Leaves turning Yellow?

Mostly, the Leaves of Night Blooming Jasmine Turns Yellow Due to Pest attack and Over Watering Problem. You can Use These Organic Homemade Pesticides to Save your Night Blooming Jasmine from Pests.

Yellowing of Night jasmine Is also be caused by Over Watering, So Be careful. So Try add only required Amount of Moisture into the Soil.

For that, the Soil Mixture Also helps a lot.

Night Blooming Jasmine Soil Mix:-


The lady of Night Plant Grows very Well In Well Draining, Porous Soil mixture. You can also Buy Ready made Potting Soil Here, Or You Can also make it At Home. Choose a Mix of These Organic Ingredients:-

Compost 20%ย 

Gardening Soil 30%ย 

Sand 25%ย 

Coco peat 25%

Night Blooming Jasmine Fertilizer:-

Night Jasmine Grows Best Of you Provide it an Organic Fertilizerย to Your Plant Regularly. For that You can Apply liquid ย Compost Tea Fertilizer Every 10 to 15 Days. Compost Tea liquid Fertilizer Works Best for the Lady of Night plant.

How do I get my night blooming jasmine to bloom?

This is the Most Important Point, Night Blooming Jasmine Produces Lot’s of Flowers. If it is Free of Pest and placed in a Bright Spot. Night Jasmine Blooms in the Night Time and have Very Sweet Smell that Fills Your Whole Garden.

Use Any Organic Pesticide Regularly on your Night Jasmine Plants. For the Sunlight, Choose a Partially Shaded area to Grow Night Blooming Jasmine.

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