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4 Easy Steps Of Spider Mites Treatment! – Spider Mites On Plants?

Spider Mites Are One of The Common & Most Disturbing Pests & Their Timely Identification & Proper Treatment is Extremely Important, Otherwise They Will Be Over Your Whole Garden & infect All Plants. In This Post, We Will Discuss All About Spider mites on Plants & Their Treatment, So Keep Following.

What Are Spider Mites? How To Identify Them?

Spider Mites As The Name indicates Are The Web Weaving, tiny Insects That Have Such Appearance, with red, Brown, Green Color Variations. They Mostly Hide Below The leaves & they So small That We Hardly Can See Them.

They Fed on The Sap of Leaves, That is Basically a Nutrients Containing Liquid, & The Spider Mites Suck it out Of The Plant, Leaving the plant Nutrients Deficient. & Hence Such Type of Patchy Leaves appears on The Plant.

Plant Infected By Spider mites

The Infected Plant Shows Stunted Growth, Due To The Shortage of Nutrients, & If You Leave The Plant Untreated it Can Die As Well. So Spider Mites Are very Harmful, & Must Be Treated Timely. The Web These Spider Mites make Is Used by Them For Protection, Breeding & Feeding.

To Identify Spider Mites, You Can See For Such Leaf Patches, & Then Also Turn The Leaf Upside Down & if You Look A Little Closer, You Will find Very Tiny insects, You Can Also Use a Maginfing Glass For proper Identification.

Spider Mites Attack on Plant

Another Sign Of Spider Mites Is a Type of a Web Around Your Plant Leaves, Once Identified, Now You Need To Act immediately. Because They can Also Spread To Other of Your Plants & infect Them Too.

When Do They Attack On a Plant & On What Plants?

Spider Mites Under the leaves

Spider Mites Commonly Attacks On a Plant When The Season is hot & dry. Means High Temperature & Less Humidity Like In Warm Summer days. This Season Makes The Garden Just Ideal as Their Natural habitat & Then They Starts Attacking On Plants & Reproduce.

They Lay Eggs, That Hatches & Feed On the Same Sap Liquid, One female of Spider Mites Can Lay Hundreds of Eggs In its few weeks Of Life Cycle.

spider Mites attacked Leaves

In General, Spider Mites Can Attack On any Type of a Plant, But Their Most Favourite Foods Include Ornamental House Plants, Vegetables Like Tomatoes, Cucumebers, Beans, pumpkins, & Other Vine Natured Summer Vegetables.

They Also Attack On Smaller Seedlings, Flowering Plants, & Fruit Trees. Overall Its Better To Keep Your Plants Away From These Harmful Pests, by Regular Pesticide Spray Routine Over Your Whole Garden.

How To Treat Spider Mites Attack On a Plant?

Even After prevention, Some Of Your Weaker Plants Will Get Their Attack, & To Treat Them You Need To Follow a Few Steps. So Lets Know About That.

1-Separate The Most affected Plants!

spider Mites attacked Leaves

The first Step of Spider mites Treatment is to Separate The Infected Plants Immediately, If You Kept Such an Infected Plant amoung Other of Your Plants They Will Spread To Them very Quickly & Starts On Destroying Them. So Simply Separate The Infected Plants in a Place When There is No Other Plants, & Dont Have To Much of Sun.

2-Cut Of All The Infected Leavesโ€ฆ

removing Infected Leaves

The Second Step of Spider Mites treatment is To Cut off All The Most Infected Leaves. Such Highly Infected Leaves Arenot Going To Recover & they Have No use To The Plant. So By Removing Them The Plant Will Feel a Little Less Stressed. Also you Will Be Able To See The Savable Plant Clearly. So Cut Them Off.

3-Use a Pesticide Spray Regularly!

Applying Pesticide On infected Plant

Next Step of Spider mites Treatment Is To Apply a Pesticide. a Pesticide Spray Will Restrict Their Spreading & Also Repel Some Of The Spider Mites. You Can Use Neem Oil Spray For This At The Evening Time.

Use The Spray Over Your Whole Plant, Specially Under The Leaves, Where They Mostly Hide. For Making Neem Oil Spray You Can Follow a Detailed guide From Here. & keep using Neem Oil Spray Every 2to 3 days on an Infected Plant & Also use On Your Healthy Plants Once a Week.

After 7 Days…..

Plant Recovered From Spider Mites attack

By Reducing The Affect of Pest, The Plant Feels a Little Better & keeps On Fighting Too, You Will See Within a Few days The Plant Will grow a Few New Leaves, & If These Leaves are healthy & Green, It Means The Plant is Recovering Slowly. The Older & Infected leaves Arenot Going To Turn Green Back, But The New Growth Will be Better.

4-Use a Good Fertilizerโ€ฆ.

Fertilizing Plants

Another Step of Spidermites Treatment is To apply a fertilizer. Once The Plant is Cured Completely, You Need To Give it a Good Fertilizer, because Due To The Pest Attack The Plant is Deficient of Nutrients & It Need Some Power to be On Its own feet.

You Can Use This Homemade fertilizer, Its a Balanced Fertilizer Containing all The Trace Elements, its made For Heavy Feeders, But You Can Use It For all Type of Plants Just Use a Little Smaller Dose. article On This Fertilizer is Added Here. Must Check it Out & Use If Twice a Month.

Fertilizing Plants

Spider mites Are Sometimes Hard To Cure, & this Methods Might not be Effective Enough, So You Can Check out an Advance pest Control Technique from This Ebook, Its Linked Here To Buy.

So Its all About Spider Mites treatment, To Know About Other Type of Common Pests Like Aphids, Leaf Miners, Mealybugs & Their Treatment, Check That On Our Site Pure Greeny.

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