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How to Care for Curry Leaf Plant in Winters? (Do & Don’ts Included)

Curry Leaves Plant is an Easy To Grow, Permanent Plant That Grow In Summers. But In Winters Their Resting Time Starts, & That’s Why We Need To Be Careful With a Few Things, Otherwise It Can be Fatal For Curry Leaf Plant. So In This Post, We Will Talk All About Curry Leaf Plant Care In Winters, Including What Should We Do, & What We Should Avoid, So Keep Reading.

Basics Of Curry Leaf Plantโ€ฆ

Curry Leaf Plant In Hand

The Curry Leaf Plant is a Leaf Producing, Tree Like Permanent Plant That Can Be Grown In Pots. Its Basically Grown Because of The Use Of Its Leaves In Cooking. Its an Outdoor Plant, That Can Grow upto 15 Feets High, But You Can also Grow Them In Pots.

Curry Leaves Plant Is a Hardy Plant That Can Bear Upto 3 to 5 Degree Celsius Of temeparture, But Below That Temparature You Should Consider Moving Your curry leaf Plant Indoors. Its Grow Very Well In Summers, But Winter Days is Its Resting Time, & You Should be Careful, Simply Follow This Video Point By Point.

1-Dormancy Management!

Curry Leaf Plant Leaves

The First & The Most Important Thing In Curry Leaf Plan Winter Care is The Dormancy Management. Curry Leaf Plant is a Tropical Area Plant, & Its Growing Season Starts In Early springs & Continue Upto Late Summers.

When Does The Dormnancy Time of Curry Leaf Plant Starts?

But As The Soon as The Temperature Drops Upto 20 degrees in Winters, The Plant gradually Slow Downs Its Growth & Became a Little Dormant. But The Good News is That it can Pass This Phase Very Easily. But Remember, Its The resting Time Of The Plant, So The Growth Will be Like Almost Zero, & That Totally A Normal Thing. Give It Some Times, As The Springs Warms up The Environment, Its Will Starts It New Growth Again.

2-Placing It in an Ideal Spot!

Curry Leaf Plant in Full Sun

Another Important Thing In Curry Leaves Plant care is Placing It in ideal Spot. So In general A Sunny Area is Great For Curry Leaves Healthy Growth, But As Its Winters, & Sunlight Might be Unavailable.

Where To Place Curry leaf Plant In Winters?

So here What You Can Do is That, Move The Pot To a Shaded Area, Where The Frost Not Directly Tounches Your Curry leaf Plant. Or If Possible, You Can also Move It indoors, SomeWhere Warm. Just Dont Place It In an Open Area, Otherwise The Plant May Drop All of Its Leaves. But Still It Will Survive, So Hope You Got The Idea.

3-How to Water The Curry Leaf Plant?

Curry Leaf Plant Green Leaves

Another Important Thing To Understand In Curry leaf Plant Winter care is The Right Watering Technique. As Winters Is Resting Time of Curry Leaf Plant, That’s Why Plant Needs Very Less Moisture. You Will Notice The Soil Dries Very rarely In Winters, Its Just Because Plant is Not actively Using The Moisture.

So Here the best Practice Is That You Have To Wait Until The Top Layer of Soil Dries Out. As You Feel Its Dry, Then You Can Water. There is No Need to Water Daily Or weekly, Hope You Got The Idea.

4-Soil’s Importance!

Soil Mix of Curry Leaf Plant

Another Thing That Can Effect The Curry leaf Plant Very Badly is Its Soil Mix. Just Imagine Your soil is Not Letting The Extra Moisture To Get Out The Pot, So Here There is very high Chance of Watering Logging Which Will ultimately Causes a Shock On The Plant.

What Type Of Soil Mix Is Good For Curry Leaf Plant?

So Here Make Sure The Soil Of Your Curry Leaves Plant is Well Draining, Loose & fertile. This Will Help The Plant Tackle With Many Issues, Like Overwatering, Stress & Shock Etc. You Can Buy a Good Mixture From This Link, Or a Complete Guide is also Added Here, To Help You make a Good Mixture At Home By Yourself.

5-Should We Fertilize Curry Leaves Plant in Winters?

Fertilizer For Curry Leaf Plant

Another Common Confusion Of Begginer’s About Curry Leaf Plant Care is That Should we Fertilze the Plant In Dormancy Time Or Not. So Here You Should Know That The Plant Is Not Actively Growing, That’s Why The Nurtients Requirement is Very Less.

How Frequently Should We Fertilize Curry Leaves Plant?

You Can Simply Use a Balanced fertilizer, Like This One, About Once a Month. This Will Help The Plant if it Needs Some Nutrition, Even Avoiding The Over fertilization Problem At The Same Time. You can also make it Home, It Works Very Well For Curry Leaf Plant, Article on This fertilizer is added Here, Follow That. & Use Once a Month In Winters, & Every 2 Weeks In The Summers.

6-Common Issues?

Yellow Leaves On Curry Leaf Plant

Now Lets Talk a Little About Common Issues You May Face While Growing Curry leaf Plant In Winters. First Thing That Will De7finitely Appear Is Its yellowing leaves. The Change Of Season Cause This Thing, But Could be Due To Many Other Reasons Too.

There is No Need To Worry. Checkout The Complete Step By Step Yellow Leaves Treatment Guide From This Link. Otherthan Yellow Leaves, Slow & Stunted Growth, Droping of Leaves can appear too. But That’s Just Due To The Dormancy Time.

Due To The Unfavorable Condition, Curry Leaves Plant Can also Encouter With Pests. Their Treatment Guides are also Linked Here, But If Pest attack Persist, You Can also Checkout an E Book On a Proven Pest Control Technique, That Will Help You Cure Any Type Of pests On Any Of Your Plants, Its also Linked Here, Must Check It Out.

7-Do & Don’ts Of Wintersโ€ฆ.

Pruned Curry Leaf Plant

In Winters, There are A Few Things, You Should Never Do, Otherwise The Plant May Die.

  • The First Thing is That Dont Prune Your Curry Leaf Plant in Winters, The best Time To Prune Is in its Growing Season That is Summers.
  • The next Thing Is That Dont Re Pot Your Curry Leaf Plant in The Winters Timeperiod, This Is Not The Right Time For This, Try To Do This In The Springs, Or In Rainy Season At The evening Time.
  • Another Thing You Shouldnot Do In Winters Is Their Propagation. You Can Do This in Summers, Or In Rains Whenever You Like. But Avoid In Winters.
  • Fertilizing Curry Leaves Plant to much in Winters, Is Not a Good Idea, So try to Avoid This, that fertilizer once a Month is All it Needs. So be Careful.

So Its all About Curry leaf Plant Winter care, Another Permanent & Hardy Plant Is Agave Plant That You Can Also Consider Growing In Your Space, Here Is a Guide On agave Plant, Must Check it Out.

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