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9 Magics Of Hydrogen PerOxide For Plants! (Use This Way)

Hydrogen Peroxide is Very Useful For Your Plants, & In This post, We Will Discuss All About benefits For Plants, Also What is The Right Way To use This, On What Plants We Can use hydrogen Peroxide, & Much More So Keep Reading.

What Is Hydrogen Peroxide & Why It’s Used?

Hydrogen Peroxide is a Transparent Liquid, That Is Primarily Used as a medicine For Treating Minor Cuts, But Can Be Used For Plants Too. Its is a Chemically made Form of Oxygen, That Works as a Disinfectant & Can Provide Several Unusual & Exciting Benefits To Your Plants, So lets Know About Them One By One.

Benefits Of Hydrogen PerOxide:-

hydrogen PerOxide Bottle

Folllowing are The Some Unqiue Features of Hydrogen PerOxide For Plants,..

1-Soil Oxygenation:-

The Number One Benefit of Hydrogen Peroxide is The Soil Oxygenation. Means When We Apply Hydrogen Peroxide to a Soil, It provides Alot of Oxygen To The Soil. Soil is a Home For Microbes, & They Requires Oxygen To Grow, & These Tiny Creatures Not only Makes The Soil Better, But Also Promotes Root Growth.

2-Disinfectant Qualities:-

Hydrogen PerOxide Disinfectant in Spoon

Hydrogen Peroxide Also Have Disinfectant Qualities, Means Infection Or Disease In The Root System Can Be Cured Using Hydrogen Peroxide. It Will Dis Infect The Place Where There Is an Attack & This Way Our Sensitive Plants Like Succulents, & Cacti Can Be Cured From Root Rot & Many Other Issues.

3-Better Root Development:-

Another Quality of Hydrogen PerOxide For Plants Is That, It Directly Provides Oxygen To The Roots, & Improves The Arreation System That Is Very Important. This Way Use Of hydrogen PerOxide Can promote Root Growth, So Thats Also a Very Useful Thing About This.

4-Toxin Removal Abbilities:-

Loose Soil Mix for Vinca

If Your Soil is Unfertile & have Toxins, Means Toxic Elements, Then Hydrogen PerOxide Can Help You Correct This Thing. Use Of h2o2 Can Remove These Toxins, making Your Soil Very Healthy. It Works As a Soil Strelizer.

5-Higher Germionation:-

Turnip Seedlings

Now Another Big Use of Hydrogen PerOxide is That It can Increase The Germination Rate of Seeds Very Much. You Can Apply Hydrogen Peroxide On Any Type of seeds, & It Will Make Them all Germinate. If You Have Some Kind Of Seeds That are Old, You Should Must Use Some Hydrogen PerOxide On it & then They will Give You Much better Results.

6-Stops Tranfer of germs:-

Using Hydrogen Peroxide Can also be Used To Clean Your Cutters & Other Gardening Tools, This Will Ensure The Removal of all Germs & They Would Spread To Your Other Plants. This Simple Thing Can Help You Stop The spreading Of Most of The Problems In One Place & Its a Very Useful thing.

7-Improved Microbial Activity:-

Earthworm on The Soil

Another quality of Hydrogen PerOxide is That it Provides the Microbes Oxygen So This Way It also Promotes the Microbial Activity In The Soil.

8-Take Nutrients in:-

Using Hydrogen PerOxide can Also Improve The Intake of Nutrient In a Plant Body. Sometimes Our Soil Mix have all The Nutrients, But The Roots became Un Able To Take Them Inside The Plant. So Here First You Should Analyze The Soil Ph, using Such a Ph Meter, Its also Linked Here To Buy. If The Soil ph Is Normal, Then Here You can use Some hydrogen Peroxide, To Improve The Nutrients Intake.

9-avoid Rotting (Propagation):-

Another Benefit of Hydrogen Peroxide For Plants Is That It can Be used For cutting Too. It Will Prevent Their Rotting, & Also Helps In Rooting Of the Cuttings. This is Very Useful, Specially When You Are Trying Water Propagation.

How To Use Hydrogen PerOxide For Plants?

Using Hydrogen PerOxide For Plants

Now Lets Know How we Can use This Useful Thing For Our Plants. First of All You need To Make Sure The bottle of hydrogen Peroxide You are using is 2 to 6%, You Can Find This Value On The Bottle. A Good Quality Hydrogen PerOxide is also Added Here, You Can Buy That.

Hydrogen PerOxide Dilution with Water

Once Of Such hydrogen PerOxide, Now You Can Dilute It With More Water. Here I Have a Glass of Simple Drinking Water, & I will Add Around 10 to 15 ml of hydrogen Peroxide into it.

Hydrogen perOxide Fertilizer Ready to use

Mix It Very Well & Now We can Use This Liquid On the Soil Directly.

Using Hydrogen PerOxide on Soil

Make Sure The Soil is Dry, Then Add around an 100 ml For a 5 inches of Pot, & Increase The Amount Respectively. Once You Add it On The Soil, You Will Hear Some Noise From The Soil, That is Totally Normal & Will Be gone Once the Liquid Is Absorbed.

How To Use Hydrogen PerOxide For Seeds?

Soaking Seeds In Hydrogen PerOxide

For Using Hydrogen PerOxide For Seeds, You Can Take around 10 ml Of This & Add Your Seeds into It. & Let Them Soak, For atleast An Hour. As You Sow The Seeds After This, They Will Germinate Very Well. The Results is on The Screen You can See Your Self. But Remember, Alway Follow the season & Use a Good Soil Mixes, Then You Can Achieve Such Results too.
Quality of Seeds also Matter, So Some Good Quality Seeds are Also added Here if You Like To Buy.

How To Use Hydrogen PerOxide For Cuttings?

soaking vinca Cutting in h2o2

For Using Hydrogen PerOxide For Cuttings, You can Take The Cutting & Soak it Hydrogen Peroxide For Almost an Hour, So The Liquid Can be Absorbed By The Cutting. This Will Reduce the Chance of Their Rotting, & Also Help Them Produce So Many Roots.

Euphorbia Milii Roots

This Is a Cutting of euphorbia milii, That is growing In Water, Where Is Have Used Some hydrgen PerOxide Too. So this is not a Bad Result. After Soaking The Cutting You can Plant It In The Soil As well, Just Remember You Also Need To Take Care of Your Cutting.

On What Plants Can We Use This?

Hydrogen PerOxide can Be Used This Way Of almost all Type of Plants, You can use It For Indoor Plant To Prevent any Rotting & Disease. You can use It For Flowering Plants, & Vegetable Plants, For Making Their Soil Better. You Can Apply In Cacti & Succulents, But Thats a Risky, because they Can Rot Very Easily, So Its Better To Avoid For Them. Use It For Cuttings, Seeds, Just Remeber The Method.

Some Drawbacks & OverUse Side Effects….

Hydrogen PerOxide in beaker

There are Also Some Side Effects Of Hydrogen Peroxide, That You Should Must Know.

  • First Bad thing About This thing Is That To much use of Hydrogen PerOxide is not Good, Instead Of Providing benefits It Can Cause Damage & Problems In Plant Growth & Soil health. So dont Use Regularly, & To much.
  • Another Thing Is That using hydrogen Peroxide In Your plant’s Soil Can Disrupt The microbial Growth Also If You use It To Much. So Proper Dilution is Again Very Important.
  • Another Big Problem With Hydrogen Peroxide is That Its Not an Organic Product, So use it Only When Its Necessary. Regular use of Chemical products on Your Plants Can be Unhealthy & have Longterm Side Effects.

To Solve Your Such Issues, I have Made Several Articles Where You Can learn About Many Useful & Organic fertilizers. There is No Need To Use Chemical Products, Here is the Link To that Articles, Please Explore These Organic Fertilizers, They can Also Provide You Similar benefits.

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