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A Comprehensive Guide On Sweet Alyssum Plant Care! (7-Tricks)

One Of the best for Beginners Flowering Plant Is The Sweet Alyssum Plant, That is a Very Hardy Plant. & In This Post , We Will Discuss about Alyssum Plant Care, Which Includes Its Growing Season, Fertilizer Requirements, Soil mix, Sun Requirements & Much More.

Origin & Basicsโ€ฆ

Alyssum Flowers

Sweet Alyssum Is an annual Winters Flowering Plant, native To mediteranean Region. Its also Called as Carpet Of Snow, or Sweet Alison etc. It Produces such Type of Tiny White Coloured, Fragrant Flowers Specially In The Springs. Sweet Alyssum Plant is a Hardy & Low Maintainance flower plant, That is also Non Toxic To kids & Pets, Which Overall makes This Plant Best For Growing In Winters.

Its a Very Common Plant Most Grown in Outdoors as a Ground Cover, Making Borders, Etc. You Can Grow Them Either By Seeds, or Cuttings. But The Most easy Option Would Be Buying Their Saplings In The Start Of Winters. & By following a Few Simple Things, You Can Make Your Whole Garden Fragrant With a Single Pot Of Alyssum.

1-What is its Growing Season?

Alyssum Flowers

The First & The Most Important Thing in Sweet Alyssum Plant Care is understanding Its Season Of Growth. So The sweet Alyssum Plant is an annual Plant, That Can be Grown In The Starting Winters Upto The Late Spring Days. In This Time Period, Alyssum Plant Grow Very Fast, Produce Thoudands Of Flowers & Make Such Seeds Pods.

What Type of Environment Alyssum Plant Likes?

The Ideal Temp Range For This is from 14 to 25 degrees Celsius, which is below Room Temp. Means a Cool Area Is Best To Grow This Flower Plant. In The Colder Regions, With This Temperature Range over the Whole Year, You Can Grow Them All Around The Year. But in a Temperate Region, They Have Around a Life Cycle Of 5 to 6 Months. In The Starting Summers, As The temperature Starts Rising, Sweeet Alyssum Plants also Dries Out.

2-Pot Size Requirements?

Pot For Alyssum Flower Plant

Another Thing In Sweet Alyssum Plant Care is Their Pot size Requirement. SO They Are Very Hardy Plants. That Can be Grown In Small, But Wider Pots, as they have a Spreading Nature.

How To Grow Bushier Alyssum Plant?

You Can also Grow them In Abundance Means Planting multiple Plants Side By Side, So They Can appear Bushier. We Can Easily Plant Them in a 5 to 6 Inches of Pot, & Try To Choose a Sallow Pot So They Can Spread around The Pot. Some Of The Good Size pots are Also Linked Here To Buy.

3-Soil Mix & Watering Techniqueโ€ฆ.

Best Soil For Alyssum Flower Plant

Another Thing In Alyssum Plant Care is Their Soil Mix. So They are Hardy Plants, That can Be Grown In Variety of Soil Mixes, But You Will Find The Best Growth In a Slightly Loose & Well Draining Soil mix. You Can easily make a good Mixture at Home, simply Follow The Article From This Link. The Only Motive Here is To Avoid The Water Logging issue, & Soil Compactness.

How To Water Sweet Alyssum Plant?

For Watering This Plant, Always Wait For The Soil To Dryout a Little & Then Water. No Matter how long it Takes The mixture To look a Little Dry. & If you Are beginner, try to Choose Claypot as it have a Lesser Chance of Overwatering.

4-Where to Place This Plant?

Sweet Alyssum Flowers

Another Important Thing in Sweet Alyssum Plant Care is Choosing an Ideal Spot For Your Plants. As We Know Its a Flowering Plant, Obvisouly sunlight is Important.

Do Alyssum Plant Grow In Shade or Sun?

A Good Sunny Spot Help Alyssum Plant To Grow New Buds & Ultimately More Flowers. The Chance of Pest attack Will Be Lesser as Well. So If You Have a Sunny Spot, Its Optimum To Provide them atleast 2 to 4 Hours of Sun, & More Than That Will Be Even Better.

Deficiency of SunLight Appears In The form of Lesser Flowers, Weaker Plants, & Might be with Yellow Leaves. So Atleast Place This Plant in a Place Where it Can Get atleast a Few Hours of Sunlight.

5-The Best Fertilizer For Alyssum!

Sweet alyssum flowers

Another Important Thing in Alyssum Plant Care is Their fertilization Requirement. Alyssum Plant is a Light Feeder, That Requires almost No Fertilizer To Grow & Bloom. But It will Definitely Get a Lot of Benefits From Regular Fertilization.

What is The best Way To Fertilize Sweet Alyssum Plant?

For The Fertilizer, You Can Use a Small amount of Cowdung While their Transplant, & Afterwards You Can Use Mustard Cake Liquid Every 2 Weeks, Its Best For The Heavy Blooming of sweet Alyssum Plant & You Can also Make It At Home, Complete Guide On That is Linked Here, Must Checkthat Out. Remember its a Hardy Plant & Can also feed On any Other Fertilizer, In Case if You Dont Have Mustard Cake.

6-Pruning & Dead Heading?

Dead Heading Alyssum Flower Plant

Pruning & Dead heading Of The Spent Flowers Is also A Growth Booster thing. As We Know Its an Annual Plant, so its obvisous The plant Will Try To Make Seeds As Much as & As Soon as Possible, So It Can be Grown Next Season.

What Alyssum Plant Dies?

But Once The Seeds are Formed, The Plant Naturally Dies. So here by Removig The Spent Flowers, we Can Push The Plant To keep Producing Flowers. All You Need To Do Is that, Cut Of The Dead & Dried Flowers.

7-Common Problems & Diseases?

Yellow Leaves on Alyssum Flower Plant

Now lets Talk About What Problems Can Appear While You Grow This Plant, Overall Its a Hardy Plant & Following Proper Care Will Reduce The Chance of Any Such Problems Very Much. Still Yellow Leaves & Root Rot Can Appear, & Both Happens Mostly Due To an Overwatered Condition.

& Using a Well Draining Mixture Can Also Elimiate This Issue. A Good Soil mix Is also Added here To Buy. But Remember Yellow Leaves Can Also Appear Due To Some Other Reasons, So If You Are Dealing With Yellow Leaves On any of Your Plant, a step By Step Treatment Guide Is LInked Here.
Follow The Weekly Neem Oil Spray Routine To Avoid Any pest attack, Because They are also susceptible to Pests Like Aphids & Spidermites. Neem Oil pesticide Article Is also Linked Here.

So Its all about Alyssum Plant Care, The only Bad Thing About This Beautiful and fragrant Flowering Plant is That, Its a Seasonal Plant That Ultimately Have To Die. Here is a Guide on Some of The Unqiue Flowering Plants, That can Live For Years With You, unlike the Alyssum plant. Must Check It out.

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