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Hibiscus Pruning SECRETS – When, Why & How To Prune Hibiscus Plant?

Hibiscus Pruning SECRETS - When, Why & How To Prune Hibiscus Plant?

Hibiscus Plant is A fast Growing Plant & That’s Why Pruning is an Essential Thing For Its Faster Growth. So In This Post, We Will Discuss Hibiscus Plant Pruning, Covering Every Useful Point You Need To Know, So Keep Reading.

What is Pruning?

Leggy Hibiscus Branch

Pruning Simply Means Cutting The Branches Of a Plant For Encouraging Better & faster Growth On The Plant. This Cutting Could Be Like a Soft Pruning Where We Only Chop Of The Growing Shoots a Little Bit, Or We Can Also Do hard Pruning, Means Cutting The Hard Wood Branches of Hibiscus Plant.

Both of These Pruning Types, Have Their Own Benefits, & They Are Helpful In Certain Conditions. But Overall The Major Purpose of Hibiscus Plant Pruning Is to Boost The Foliar Growth on The Plant.

Why To Prune Hibiscus Plant?


There are Many Benefits of Pruning Hibiscus, Lets Discuss That Shortly. Pruning Hibiscus Plant Softly In Its Growing Season, Promotes Multiple Branches Which Results In More Flowers & More Leaves. & This Thing Also makes The Plant Stronger Inside, It Will be Resistant of pests & Diseases.

Regular pruning also Keep The Plant In Shape, & Also Air & Sunlight Will be Able Pass Through Branches, Which Prevents Problems Like Powdery mildew, Leaf Curl Virus, & Black Spoty Leaves etc.

For More on benefits of Hibiscus Pruning, Feel Free To Checkout The Article Added here. Overall Pruning Have Many Benefits For Hibiscus Plant, So Must Use This Thing.

What is The best Time To Prune Hibiscus Plant?

Hibiscus Flower In Hand

Another Important Thing To Discuss In Hibiscus Plant pruning is The Right Time For This. You Might Be Wondering Can We Do This Whenever We Like, Antime In The year. So That’s Not How It Works. Pruning Is a helpful Thing, But Only If Done In The Right Season.

You Can Do Hibiscus Plant pruning In The Springs & Summers, But Never try This is Winters. Pruning Is Always useful In the Growing Season of a Plant, In The Dormany Time, Means In WInters, Hibiscus Plant Wont Grow Any New Branches & Therefore Pruning Have No use.

One More Important Thing is, if Your Plant is Weak or under a Shock etc means if It is Not Growing, again Avoid Pruning It.

How To Prune Hibiscus Plant?

Hydrogen Peroxide

For Pruning Hibiscus Plant, Simply Choose The Branches That Are leggy, & Then Simply cut The Growing Head Around 1 inch. Remeber To use a Sharp Cutter, You Can Also Buy It From This Link. Otherwise You Can Clean it, For That You Can use Hydrogen Peroxide.

Its Available On a Chemist shop, Or You Can Also Buy It From This Link. If You Wanna follow a Regular Pruning Routine, simply Chop Of The 1 Inch of all the Growing Shoots Once a Month, or Whenever They Are Long Enough.

Hibiscus Plant Pruning

For hard Pruning, You Can Do This in The Springs, Hard Pruning is Done By Removing all The Branches Of a Plant, except The Main Trunk Or Leaving only a Few Hard Branches. Hard Pruning Is Good In Some Cases, But Not for a Regular Plant, You Should Simply Follow Soft pruning Routine.

Fertilizer For Flowering Plants...

After pruning Your Hibiscus Plant, You Can Also fertilize It, Its Not Necessary, But For Growing More Branches, Plant gonna Need More Nutrition, So I am using This Homemade Flower fertilizer, You Can also make it Following The guide Added Here. Otherwise Use Any good fertilizer You have.

Do & Don’ts of Pruning Hibiscus?

Sharp VS Irregular Cuts

For Proper & a Successful Pruning, You also Need To Know A Few Simple precautions, & Here They are.

  • Always Do The Pruning When The Plant is Showing New Growth, Dont Ever Prune a Shocked or a Stressed Plant.
  • Always make Sure To use a Sharp & Clean Cutter. Your Pruner or Cutter Can Transfer Diseases From One Plant To Another, So use it After Cleaning, Simply Use H202.
  • Dont Prune Your Hibiscus Plant To Much, a light Pruning Is Enough To Get Most Out of it.
  • Dont Make Irregular Cuts, This will Attract More Problems.
  • Dont Throught Water OVer The Cut part, Its a Sensitive Area.

Except fertilzing, There Is no Need To Change anything around Your Plant After Pruning it, Just care as like as Before. & If You Dont know How to Grow Hibiscus Plant, Here are Some Growing Tips, You can Follow For a Blooming Plant. Feel Free To Check it Out.

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