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Mexican Petunias Care:-

Mexican Petunia is one of the Most easiest Plants to Grow, you Can get Lots of Blooms out of these Beautiful plants. They are Native to Mexican Area that makes them, Mexican Petunia.

Mexican Petunia Can be Grown from Seeds as well As from Cuttings. Their Seeds are very small in size that Makes them hard to Germinate.

Mostly, we Grow their Seeds in the Starts of Winter, when Temp. Is About (60 to 75ยฐF).

But the Best way to Grow them is to Buy Smaller Seedlings from nursery.

Is Petunia a perennial?

Petunia plants can Grow all most all-around the Year, if the Temp. Remains lower then 30ยฐC. Mexican Petunias Are easy to Grow when Temp.

Is Favourable, if the Temp. Rises from 30, then it became Difficult for them to Survive in such hot Weather.

In most parts of the World, petunias are Perennial Plants that Grows for a long time. But as the Summer starts They dies, due to the rising temp..

Do Petunias Grow back every Year?

Petunia plants are Grown in the winter months, but after that Summer’s Heat makes them die. It is not Obvious that they grow back Every year. You have to Grow them again from the Seeds in Starts of Winters.

But in the Colder areas, They can Survive almost all around the year, because the Temp.

Is not so high. You can also save them for the next year by Protecting them from the Rising temp.

Do petunias like sun or shade?

Petunias are the Winter Season plants that Likes a Cool Environment, but if you put them under a Shade, then they Will never Produces Flowers.

All type of Flowering Plants, requires Sunlight. In order to Bloom. As the same for Petunias, you need to place them In a Sunny area, that have minimum 4 to 5 Hours of Sun.

In the Summers, you can Put them Under a Shade to Protect them from the Burning Sun. But in Winters, Sunlight is highly Essential for Petunias to Produce Flowers.

Do Petunias like Water?

Watering is also a very Important Step to Achieve maximum Blooming on Petunias, Petunias Likes to be Watered, if the Soil is Little dry. Adding water Over the Moist Soil, can Cause Root rot, that also very Common in Petunias.

Petunias likes Water, but they also like a Well Draining Soil. You Should must Use a ย To grow Petunias. They are the Winter Season Plants, that Means the Soil Don’t dries out so much Quickly, as in the Summers.

Should Petunias be Watered everyday?

Petunias Can Be Watered Twice a Day, and may be Once week. It All depends upon your Soil Media. Basic rule is to Check the Soil Moisture Level Before adding Water. If the Soil is Moist, You don’t need to Water until it dries out.

Watering Everyday may cause Over watering that Leads to root rot or Other Issues. So always check the Soil Moisture Level Before Watering.

What month is best to plant petunias?


In the Asian Climate, You can Plant Petunias from Starting Winters UpTo Springs. But the Best Month to start these Plants is October, November. Because the Temp. At that time is Very Much Favourable.

But if you are Living in the Western Parts of the World, then You can plant Them almost all around the Year, Because Western climate is Very much Suitable for Their Growth.

Petunia Care in Pots:-

Petunias have Some Smaller Varieties and Son larger Ones, but all of them can be grown in medium size Pots Very Easily. The roots of Petunias Doesn’t gets so much Deep into the Soil.

If you Are growing them in Pots, then the Only thing that you have to keep in mind is To Water them Properly.

Watering in Pots must be done Correctly in order to Get A faster and Healthier Growth. Mexican Petunias are low maintenance Plants that also Looks very Attractive if grown in Smaller Pot’s.

About 5 to 6″ Pots with a open or Wide Dia are the Best Choice to Grow Mexican Petunia Plants. Choosing 8 to 10″ Pots are not required, because their Roots remains on the top layer of the Soil.

How do you make Petunias Grow Faster?


Petunias are mostly the Seasonal Plants, that have a shorter life time. In that time, you can Boost their Growth and Flower Production. For Growing any plant faster, you need to know about 3 to 4 things.

1-Healthy plant, If your Petunias are Diseased, then they Wouldn’t Grow So much faster. You have to Keep them healthy.

2-A Favourable Environment, your Petunias must be placed in an area that works Perfect for them.

3-Fertilizer, Petunias doesn’t Requires so much fertilization, but an ย about every 10 days must be applied to make It grow faster.

4-Pruning, Petunias loves Soft Pruning, it Promotes Multiple branches and new Growth on the Plant that Makes it Grow Faster.

How to grow lot’s of Flowers on Mexican Petunias?

Petunias are the Top Winter Flowering Plants, that have Number of Types and Colours. This thing makes it Very much Attractive and Beautiful. Just Imagine a Clean Bed Small Petunia Plants and Every plant is Full of Flowers.

This Beautiful Scene can Be achieved, because Petunias are Insanely Easy to grow and to get them on Flowering requires only Some Quick Tips.ย 

1-Grow them in a Well Draining Soil Mixture.

2-Pinch their Upper Growing Shoots a little.

3-Apply ย Mustard Cake fertilizer Every 10 days.

4-Enjoy the Beauty of Petunias with a Cup of Tea.


  • Mexican Petunias Can be grown as Same As the Simple Petunias.
  • Petunias Grow Very well in a Well Draining Soil Mixture, and can be Planted in Hanging Baskets.
  • Pinching Plays a Very Important Role in their Faster Growth.
  • Put them in a Sunny Area and Fertilizeย Regularly.

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