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Top 5 Growth Hacks For Aloe Vera Plant Winter Careโ€ฆ – Succulents


Growing Aloe Vera Plant in Winter Days Requires To Understand A few Very Important Points. As Winter is The Off Season Of The aloe Vera Plant, That’s Why We have To be Very CareFul. Otherwise Your Aloe Vera Plant Will also Looks Like This. So Lets Know About The Aloe Vera Plant Winter Care In Details.

1-Revise Your Watering Style:-


As Aloe Vera is a s Succulent Have its Own Moisture In Its Leaves, Therefore It Requires a Very Little Amount Of Moisture To Survive. But What We Do is That, We keeps On adding Water aspecting More & More Growth of Aloe Vera Planter. But Here You Have To Avoid watering.
In winter Days, The Soil hardly Dries & If You Do Regular Watering, It Can Be Fatal. The Biggest Reason of a Dying Aloe Vera Planter in Winters Is Due To a wrong Watering Style. The Best way To water aloe Vera Plant is To Wait For The Soil to Dry Out & Then Water.
Some Type Of Soil Mixes Dries Much Quickly & Some Takes Time To Dry, But You always Have To Wait For The Soil to Dry Out & Then Water.

What Is The Best Soil Mix For Aloe Vera Plants?


Here Another Important Thing is To Use a Well Draining Soil Mix. Imagine If Your Aloe Vera Soil Mix is Not Drying Time To Time, Then It Could Be Harmful Thing.
What You can do is To Use a Good Soil Mix, That Drains Quickly. The Best Succulents Soil mix Is added Here. Using a Good Mixture Can Solve Your Whole Watering Problem. Over Watering & Water Blockage Can Cause Such Type Of Wilting & Yellowing Leaves of Aloe Vera Plants, That’s Why You Shoud Be Very Careful With Your watering, Specially In Winters.

Complete Guide On Making a Well Draining Soil Mix…

2-Avoid Fertilizers:-


The Another Important Point In Aloe Vera Plant Winter Care is To About Fertilization. Aloe Vera Planter is a Fast Growing Plant & Requires Very Less Nutrition. & If You Keeps On Adding Different Fertilizers In Its Soil Mix, The Plant Can Go Under a Stressed Condition.
For The Healthier Growth of Aloe Vera Plants, Fertilizer Plays a Big Role & You Should Must fertilize It, But Not In Winters. Winter Season is Its Dormancy Time & Fertilizer arent Going To Help. I Agree That Deficiency Of Nutrients Can Cause Such Type of Black Spots On the Leaves & Other Problems, But In Winters The Requirement of Nutrients are Very Less, That’s Why You Should Fertilize Very Less. Only a Table Spoon Of Cow Dung Compost Every Months In Enough To keep It Growing.

3-Move Indoors:-


An Ideal Location Is Also An Important Thing For Aloe Vera Winter Care. As Aloe Vera Plant is a Desert Area Plant & Loves a Full Day Of Sun. But In Winters The temperature Falls Very Much, & If You Still Keep It Without Any Shade, It Will Definitely Dies. The Sun Hardly Comes Up In The Winter days, But If It Does Then you Can provide Some Sun to Your Aloe Vera Plant.
In The Extremely Cold Areas, Its Best To Move Your Aloe Vera Planter In a Well Lit, Shaded Area. Deficiency of Sun Can Also Cause Problems, But If Your Plant is Getting Some Bright Light, Then its Still Ok. Your Aloe Vera Planter Will Be Recovered Automatically As The temperture Starts To Rise Again.

4-About Repotting & Propagation:-


Another Important Thing To Consider In Aloe Vera Plant Winter Care is About Its Repottiing & Propagation. Ideally You Should Not Disturb Your Aloe Vera Planter in The winters, But If The temperature is Above 15 Degrees, You Can Repot it. But It Will Be Better If You Do It In The Starting summers.
You Can Also Divide Your Aloe Vera Plants In The Early Winters, But If The Temperature Is Going Extreme, Then Try To Avoid This. Wait a Little & As The Springs Comes Up, Feel Free To Propagate Aloe Vera Planter.

5-Winter Problems To avoid:-


Aloe Vera Plant is a Mid Season Plant, That Likes a Normal Range of Temperature To Grow, But In winters The Extreme Temperature Causes many problems In Aloe Vera Plants Growth. Like You Will Notice A Very Slow & Stunted Growth, That is an effect Of Temperature. Rotting Of Leaves That is an effect of Over Watering and water Blockage, That’s Why You Should Use A Well Draining Soil Mix.
Browning Of Aloe Vera Leaves is also an Effect of Temperature & Under watering, So Try To water Normally. Yellowing of Aloe Vera Leaves Is Also A Winter Problems, That’s Biggest Reason is Drop Of Temperature & Blockage Of Moisture in The Soil. Hope You Can relate To These Problems, & Avoid Them Accordingly. For Any Question Leave a Comment Below.

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