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An Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Growing a Healthy & Bushy Curry Leaf Plan.t Will Be Very easy, If You Follow Up This Care Guide. In This Video, We Are Going to Talk about Curry Leaf plant Care in Details, Including, Its Season, Propagation, Pruning, Fertilization & So on, So Lets Start.

Curry leaf Introduction & basics:-

Curry Leaf Plant is a Summer Season, Leaf Producing, Completely Outdoor Plant. It is native to the indian environment, Curry leaf Plant is a tropical area Plant loves to Grow in Hot areas With Increased Humidity. Basically, This Plant is a Tree Type Plant & Can Grow As Bigger as Several Feet. The main Thing is Their Leaf Appearance, & Fast Growing Ability.

Curry Leaf Plant Growing Season:-

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Curry Leaf Plant Starts Its Growth From Early Springs & Continue To Grow All Over Summer Days. You can find a Really Fast Growth of their Leaves, Up to late Summer Days. But in The winter Days, They Became Dormant For a While, Such Type of Yellow & Burning Leaves appears. & Some Times all The Leaves Fells Off, Due to Extreme Temp. Decrease. But Curry Leaf Plant Grow Back As the Winter Ends.

How to Grow Curry Leaf Plant?

For Starting a New curry Leaf Plant, You can Get it Very Easily From Your Local Nursery, anywhere in the summer days. & then You Can Propagate them By stem cuttings.

How to Propagate Curry Leaf Plant?

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

You Can Propagate Curry Leaf Plant Either From Their seeds, Or From Their Semi Hard Cuttings in the Springs & Rainy Days. Because it is a Very Easy to Grow Plant, Therefore Their Seeds As well as Cuttings Grow Very Quickly As well.

Curry Leaf Plant Care:-

A few Tips & Tricks Are Very Important To Consider, When You are Growing Curry Leaf Plant in Pots, Following These Points will Definitely Gives You a Very Fast Growth on Your Curry Leaf Plant.

Watering Curry Leaf:-

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

The Most Important Thing in Curry Leaf Plant Care is the Correct Watering Technique. You Should not add water, in Your Way. Adding Too Much Will Results Such Type of Leaf Problems, Under Watering Also effects the curry Leaf very Badly, You have to make a Balance, that Keeps Your Curry Leaf Very Well Growing.

What is the Best Way to Water Curry Leaf Plant?

The Best way To Water Curry Leaf Plant is to always Check the Soil mix Before watering. water Only When The Soil Feels Dry. Over Watering Causes many harmful Issues in its Growth, so water Carefully.

Importance of Soil Quality:-

Watering in a Correct Way also Depends Very Much On The Quality of Your Soil Mix. If the soil mix is Water draining, Then The You Would not Face Such type of Yellow Leaves & a Stunted Growth of Curry Leaf Plant.

How to make The Best Soil mix For Curry Leaf Plant?

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Curry Leaf Plant Requires a well Draining, Loose soil mix To Grow Well. For That You can use a Homemade Recipe:-

Otherwise a Regular Potting mix Is added here, You can Check out That. It also Works Really Well.

How much Important is the Pot Size?

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

The size of Pot Also Matters, when You are Growing a Bigger Tree. Curry Leaf Plant Grow Very in The Ground, But For The Container, Choose at least a 12 to 15″ Pot. & An other Important thing is To keep Providing it a Bigger Pot Every Year. A quick Re potting of curry leaf Plant every Springs Or Rains ensures the Consistent Growth of the Plant, all over The Summer Season. Such Type of Grow Bags is a Very good Choice, The Chance of Over watering is almost Zero in it.

The Best Location For Curry Leaf:-

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Choosing an Ideal location is also Very Important in Curry leaf Plant Care. As we Know, it is a Summer Season Plant, Therefore, Its Sunlight Requirement is also higher. Deficiency of sunlight also Causes such type of Yellowing Leaves, & a Stunted Growth of The Plant, Therefore it is Very important to Put The Curry Leaf pot in an ideal location.

How Much Sun Curry Leaf Plant Requires?

Curry Leaf Plant Requires at least 3 to 4 hrs of direct Sunlight. For That You can choose a Sunny spot. In Winters, You can provide it at least an hour of Morning sun, But more The Sunlight better will be the Growth.

Pruning of Curry Leaf Plant:-

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

As it is a Tree, therefore You have to prune it timely. Pruning Keeps the Growth Constant & new Branches to come up. It is Very easy to Prune a Curry Leaf Plant.

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Simply take a Dis infected, Clean Cutter. Choose the upper Shoot of the Plant & Cut it a Little.

When Should You Prune Curry Leaf Plant?

You Can Prune The upper Growing Shoots of Your Curry Leaf Plant, Anywhere in the Summer Season. A soft Pruning of Curry Leaf Shoots, Will Keep The Plant Bushy & Well Growing.

Pruning Guide Articles..!

Fertilizer Needs:-

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

In Curry Leaf Plant Care, proper Fertilization is also plays a Big Role. As the Plant have to Produce More & More Leaves, Therefore nutrients are Required Time to Time, Otherwise such type of Yellow & Patchy Leaves will appear. To Prevent This Problem, You can Use a Nitrogen Enrich Fertilizer, every 15 days in the Summer Season.

What is The Best Way to Fertilize Curry Leaf Plant?

& the Best Fertilizer For Curry Leaf Plant is The Cow Dung, Because it have a good amount of nitrogen & Micro Elements in it. Just take a Dose of Cow Dung Compost & Mix it With The Soil. Do not Forget To Water, it Helps A Better Absorption. A Detailed Guide On Cow Dung Compost is also added here, Must check it out.

Curry Leaf Plant diseases:-

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Curry Leaf Plant is a very fast Growing & Disease Resistant Plant, & does not Have Many disease. In Containers, Yellow Leaves, burning Tips, a Stunted Growth Appears. For That, you Can use a Good fertilizer, & Use a well Draining Soil.

Things to Consider;-

There are a Few Important Things, You Should Must Consider After all of these Points. The Curry Leaf Plant Grow fast, Therefore Re potting is very Important, & also try to Give it a bigger pot as well.

Ultimate Guide On Curry Leaf Plant Care..!

Winter Season is Its dormancy Time, The Plant would not Grow During this Time period, So do not get Panic. Stress & Shock are the Most main Things That stops its Growth. The Most Common Reason of Stress is the Bounding of Roots & an Over Watering Condition, So be Aware of That.
So its all about Curry Leaf Plant care, For any Question Leave a Comment Below.

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